Hi all,


    The leader board after yesterday's sessions is currently posted here. These rankings reflect scratches entered as of last night.


    **A note about relays...every relay that currently sits in the top 20 has a chance of making it back tomorrow. Our 9-10 girls A medley and freestyle relays,  and 9-10 boys freestyle relays, and 13-14 girls relays, will need to sub in swimmers because of our own swimmers not being even if your child does not look like they may make it back in their individual event, we may need them for a relay. If your child does not want to swim the relay, PLEASE let me know ASAP so that we can figure out how to have our relays compete!


    As soon as we hear the final results for tonight, I will send an email out to everyone regarding who has made it back for Saturday's championships. For planning purposes...swimmers ages 6&U, 7-8, and 9-10 will swim at 10:30am (warm-ups begin at 8:55am), and the older swimmers will swim at 4:00pm (more later on warm-up times but likely around 2:25pm). Parking passes are again advised for the meet. I will also send out an arm-marking sheet for you to use if you feel comfortable marking your child's arm...but if you don't, no worries! We'll do it at the meet tomorrow.


    Thanks everyone--happy obsessing!



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