Hi all,


    First of all, congratulations to all of our swimmers this weekend. There were some crazy fast heats, and while not everyone will make it back for finals, we were impressed with all of our Dolphin swimmers.


    We have unofficial finals entries for championships tomorrow...if you are on this list and CANNOT make tomorrow, I need to know ASAP--like in the next 30 minutes. I will provide more details as to which events your child made in about an hour.


    Finals will begin for our 6U, 7-8, and 9-10 at 10:30am tomorrow (warmups begin at 8:55am) and for our older swimmers at 4:00pm (warmups around 2:30). More specific info to follow.


    Reese Benton (individuals and relays)

    Laney Bertholf (both relays)

    Maddie Campbell (individuals and relays)

    Will Campbell (individuals)

    Graham Chang (individuals)

    Anna Harper (individuals)

    Caroline Harper (relays and individuals)

    Cheney Jackoniski (individuals and relays)

    Ainsley Jones (individuals and relays)

    Tinkie Jones (individuals)

    Margaret Ann Jones (individuals)

    Owen Jones (individuals and relay)

    Suzanne Jones (individuals and relays)

    Addison Lang (individual and relays)

    Hannah Lang (relays)

    Duke Nichols (relays)

    Trey Odom (individual and relay)

    Grant Polk (individual)

    Thomas Rice (individual)

    Ben Tocio (relays)

    Addie Yarbrough (individuals and relays)

    Sami Yarbrough (individuals and relays)


    In particular, I want to be sure that our relay-only swimmers will still come for just the relays. Let me know. Thanks!



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