Hi all,


    The results are now official, and you can take a look at the psych sheet for tomorrow's finals by clicking here--but they will not include heats and times. Below, I am including the events that everyone has made the finals for tomorrow.


    Important information

    1. Our younger swimmers, age 10 and lower, will begin warm-ups at 8:55am for their 10:30am meet start. Our older swimmers, ages 11 and up, will begin warm-ups at 2:20 for the 4:00 start. We will mark arms and backs at the pool.


    2. Our team bullpen will be on the deck again for the finals. Coaches will be arriving early to secure a spot, so look for them in their blue shirts. I will not be at the morning session; Jaime Jones will be the go-to deck parent. FOR OUR OLDER SWIMMERS--YOU MUST ENTER YOUR EVENT THROUGH THE BULLPEN DURING FINALS. If you are not in the bullpen, they will give your slot to an alternate. Sorry,'s the rule.


    3. I am not entirely certain of the order of events for the first session, but my gut tells me that it will follow the normal order of events. That being said, in the morning in particular, it can be easy to miss an event because the numbers jump up quickly--we skip 6 events (boys and girls in the older age groups) for each individual event we have. Heat sheets will be really helpful for these finals--so bring your highlighter, find our Dolphin swimmers, and cheer for everyone.




    I will be keeping an eye on Meet Mobile in the morning to see how everyone is doing. Thanks again to all for your patience with notifications; it sounds like there were many scratches and so a lot of organizational headache for the folks at ASA. See you tomorrow, and good luck Dolphins!




    Reese Benton (50 free, 100 IM, both 9-10 girl relays)

    Laney Bertholf (both 13-14 girl relays)

    Maddie Campbell (50 free, 25 fly, 7-8 girls free relay)

    Will Campbell (25 free, 25 back)

    Graham Chang (50 free, 25 back)

    Anna Harper (100 free, 50 back)

    Caroline Harper (50 free, 50 back, both 13-14 relays)

    Cheney Jackoniski (50 free, 100 IM, both 7-8 girl relays)

    Ainsley Jones (100 IM, 50 breast, both 13-14 girl relays)

    Tinkie Jones (50 free, 50 breast)

    Margaret Ann Jones (25 free, 25 back)

    Owen Jones (100 IM, 25 breast, 9-10 boys free relay)

    Suzanne Jones (100 IM, 25 breast, both 7-8 girl relays)

    Addison Lang (25 free, 25 breast-alt, both 7-8 girls relays)

    Hannah Lang (both 9-10 girl relays)

    Duke Nichols (50 free-alt)

    Trey Odom (25 back, 9-10 boys free relay)

    Grant Polk (50 free, 50 fly)

    Thomas Rice (50 back, 50 fly)

    Ben Tocio (9-10 boy free relay)

    Addie Yarbrough (25 back, 100 IM, both 9-10 girl relays)

    Sami Yarbrough (25 fly, 7-8 girls medley relay)




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