Hi all,


    Temperatures have cooled off, the pool has closed for the season, and fall is in the air! I hope everyone is enjoying the change of the seasons and that school years have gotten off to a great start.


    We are searching for a new Swim Team Representative to run the Georgetown Swim Team next summer. I have had a couple of people mention--in passing--that they might be interested in taking over, but no one has committed to this point, so there is still time for YOU to be that special person! To be clear, THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE A ONE PERSON SHOW! I did not run swim team on my own; I had many helpers behind the scenes who made everything run smoothly, so if you, or a group of you, are interested, let me know. I am happy to talk you through the hows and whys of summer swim team.


    There will be a GRC Board meeting on Sunday, November 4, and it would be a great thing to introduce our new swim team representative(s). Emails will be starting in late December/early January scheduling Atlanta Swim Association meetings (they explain EVERYTHING to you) and hiring of coaches begins around that same time. Again, I am happy to help where I can.


    If you are interested in heading up the crew--or a group of you are interested in being in charge--please let me know ASAP. It's a fun gig and a GREAT way to spend a few months out of the year!


    Happy Fall, y'all!

    Susan Harper

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