4th and Final Meet

    PLEASE READ - 4th and final VIRTUAL MEET / Pictures(?)

    CHECK IN / AGE GROUP: Please continue to remember to take your swimmer’s temperature before you come to the meet. Each family will be assigned a pod, like at practice, to sit in for the duration of the meet. We hope all spectators and parents will cheer from their designated pod areas around the pool.  Please bring your mask.

    ARRIVAL TIMES: The 8 and Under group needs to arrive at 7:30 AM in order to warm up, have their arms marked, and be situated so they can start their meet at 7:45AM. Older age group swimmers will need to warm up on dry land before they come, and arrive 15 minutes early to be checked-in before your meet starts. 9/10s arrive at 8:30AM, 11 and Ups arrive at 9:35AM.

    HYDRATION: Hydrate your swimmers and make sure they are making good food choices tomorrow morning.

    WHAT TO BRING: Please wear your team suit if you have one or an appropriate racing suit and swim cap. Bring a towel and dollar bills for the after-meet concession stand. Please make sure your swimmer has tight fitting goggles that are placed properly on their head. One strap should be on the top of the head and the other strap in the middle to ensure goggles will not fall off. For little girls, please make sure their hair is in a pony tail or pulled into a swim cap.

    ARM MARKING: The Meet Event sheet for arm-marking is attached to this email. Parents, please mark the arms of your swimmers with permanent marker before they arrive at the meet. If you have never done this before, there will be an assistant coach who can help you do this at check-in.

    EXITING/ CONCESSIONS: When your meet is over, please exit out the back gate. We do not want people crowding the front gate during check in. There will be a concession stand for after-meet pre-packaged goodies. The stand will only be open for the 15-20 minutes after each age group swims. Please remember to bring dollar bills, all goodies are only $1 or $2.  We will also have a limited amount of our 2020 QuaranTEAM Dolphin shirts in adult sizes for sale for $15 at the concession stand.

    VOLUNTEERS: We would love for any parents to arrive at 7 to help with meet set up. I will be there to show you what to do. We also need someone to help at the concession stand after the 8 and unders are done swimming. Volunteers: Please check in with Ali or Julie when you arrive at the pool. Thank you for being willing to help work the meet!

    TIMERS: Remember to bring your mask! Thank you all for doing a great job timing these last 3 meets!  We will have a short meeting about timing at the beginning of each age group for anyone new to timing this season.

    SWIMMER “BULL PEN”: Swimmers will be assigned a chair behind the blocks to park themselves and all their gear in during the meet. The swimmers need to be near the blocks to hear their event / name. The chairs will be spaced 6 feet apart to aid in social distancing. Swimmers will not be allowed to walk around the deck to visit with family.

    Age group Meet times:

    • (7:45-8:45) 8 & Under - Swimmers arrive 7:30AM
    • (8:45-9:40) 9 & 10 - Swimmers arrive by 8:30AM
    • (9:45-11:15) 11 & Up - Swimmers arrive by 9:35AM


    July 2 Meet: Georgetown - 361 Pennbrooke - 374

    July 9 Meet: Georgetown - 347 Grandview Glen - 345

    July 16 Meet: Georgetown - win  Deerbrooke Waters - forfeit (low attendance)

    T SHIRTS: Our super-cool Dolphin #GeorgetownQuaranTEAM shirts are in! If you did not pick one yours yet, you may pick yours up at the meet.

    6 & UNDERS: As in past weeks, there will be no 6 & under practice Thursday Morning.

    PICTURES?: Are you interested in swim team pictures this year? If we have sufficient interest, we will have a photographer out the last week of practice to take Swimmer photos. The photographer is able to do a computer-compiled team picture by taking everyone’s individual shots, and then will photo-shop them together for a team picture. But we need to have sufficient interest to make it worthwhile for the photographer to come out. If you would like individual portraits, or would be interested in purchasing a team picture, please email us at georgetownswimteam@gmail.com.

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