Meet against Chastain TOMORROW

    Hi Dolphin families,

    We are looking forward to our first meet of the season Tuesday at Chastain Park (address: 235 West Wieuca Road, NW, 30342). There is parking all along West Weiuca in front of the Galloway school and there is parking in the Galloway school lot. There is also parking alongside the pool.

    This is a LONG email with tons of information...Please be sure to read this entire message! Here is what you need to know:

    Coach Kaleigh has already finished the line up. If you have NOT already told the coaches that you will NOT be at the meet, please do so ASAP at

    Time: Arrive by 4:15 at Chastain Park Swimming Pool and check-in with Coach Emily at the gate. This will allow time for your swimmer to get settled and have their arm marked. Arms will not be marked during practice tomorrow morning. WE WILL NEED SOME HELP MARKING ARMS ON TUESDAY at Chastain. Team warm-ups will begin at 5:00. The meet starts at 5:30 with our 6&U relays. **The pool is located on the west side of Chastain Park closer to Powers Ferry Road. Parking is hard to come by--there is a small parking lot next to the pool, but most parking will be on West Wieuca.

    Hydration: Start hydrating your swimmers with water now to have them fully hydrated for Tuesday. Make sure they are making good food choices on Tuesday as well.

    Bullpens: When you arrive to Chastain, please look for our bullpens on the far side of the pool. This is where the kids should wait so it is easy to find them and line them up for their events. With so many younger swimmers, it is much easier to find the swimmers if they are in the bullpen. We will have a boys' and a girls' bullpen. Please make sure your child knows to stay near here during the meet--parents, you can help with this especially when we are close to your swimmer's event. The Deck Managers and the bullpen workers will make every effort to make sure that swimmers do not miss their events, but it is the swimmer's responsibility to be in the bull pen and ready for their event. **The deep end of the pool will be CLOSED during the meet.

    What to Bring: Please wear your team suit or a similarly colored racing suit and your Georgetown swim team T-shirt. Bring a towel (we usually bring several...mark your name on them!), cash for concession stand, goggles, bug spray and sunscreen. Be sure your swimmer comes ready to swim with their suit on. Please make sure your swimmer has tight fitting goggles that are placed properly on their head. One strap should be on the top of the head and the other strap in the middle to ensure goggles will not fall off. For little girls, please make sure their hair is in a pony tail or pulled into a swim cap.

    Volunteers: Please check in near the bullpen when you arrive at Chastain even if you are a 2nd half volunteer. It is important that all volunteer roles are filled (WE STILL NEED TIMERS IN BOTH THE FIRST AND SECOND HALF OF THE MEET). WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! We still need one 7/8 boys bullpen for the second half, 2 master recorders (one for each half), one place judge for the first half, 2 relay helpers, ribbons for the first half and 5 timers. Meets can't happen without our volunteers...

    If something happens and you are unable to fill your role, at this point it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Thank you for being willing to help work the meet!

    Changes in events: If you have a last minute change and are unable to swim, please let Coach Kaleigh know ASAP at Please be sure to stay at the meet through the conclusion of your events. If you must leave early, PLEASE let Coach Kaleigh know since this impacts our line up and affects other swimmers (especially in relays). Please remember that, on occasion, younger swimmers may be asked to swim up in an older age group for a relay, so please be sure all of your swimmer's events are over. By not having all of our swimmers there for a relay, we have to forfeit that event; relay points are a big part of the overall meet score.

    Inclement weather: In case of inclement weather, please come to the meet no matter what. If there is lightning/thunder, the meet may be delayed but will be held if at all possible since scheduling make-up meets is a challenge.

    After the meet: After the meet is finished, there will be ice cream back at Georgetown to reward our swimmers for their hard work. Swimmers and families may have ice cream and relax around the pool. **Swimming will not be allowed after swim meets have finished.

    Wednesday mornings: No practice! ALL swimmers--including Nemos--are invited to come to "Donuts and Ribbons" on Wednesday morning at 9:45am. There will be donuts and juice available for the swimmers, followed by a few words from our coaches. Swimmers may then receive their ribbons from the night before (all meet swimmers receive ribbons). Kids can then have free swim until 10:45am. At 10:45am, all swimmers must get out of the pool so that the Life Guards can have the pool ready to open to membership at 11:00am. Members are then welcome to stay with their wriest bands on. If you are unable to come and receive your ribbons, they will be waiting for you in the guard shack. Each swimmer has their own folder that their ribbons are in. If any ribbons are missing or incorrect, please let the coaches know.

    Ribbons from last week and Picture Orders: Missing relay ribbons from last week's meet are already filed in the ribbon box. Pictures have arrived. Fara will try to pass them out today during afternoon practice. If you are not there, they will be filed in the ribbon box.

    Practices: Our next practices after the meet will be Thursday morning--Nemos will begin at 8am!--and Thursday afternoon.

    Contact Information: If you must absolutely contact someone at the meet, Fara Yarbrough's cell is 404-374-2731. You can call or text if you must reach someone once the meet has begun.

    Thank you to all of our families for your dedication to our swim team. Go Dolphins!!

    Fara & Merrie

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